All Natural Bodybuilding – The Safest Choice

When pursuing all natural bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding nutrition is high on the list for obtaining the results that are desired. When athletes are training as hard and as often as bodybuilders do, there is an increased need for protein especially so that the muscles have the materials needed to build properly without injury. They also need to eat a higher amount of calories without fat so that their bodies can look as lean as possible, so natural supplements will sometimes be used to replace the calories and vitamins that are worn off during the training.

Drug Free

All natural bodybuilders must prove to the bodybuilding organizations that they are a part of that they are drug free. This means that they must take drug tests every two months in order to qualify to enter competitions. For athletes that are on the National Bodybuilding team, they must take the tests more often, at least one per month, to prove that they are still eligible for competition and to keep the competitions fair. If an all natural bodybuilder is found to have taken drugs, he can be banned from competition from one year to life, depending on the individual case. For those that are on the National Bodybuilding team, the offense and consequence is more serious, for they are banned from the team for life. In addition, during the course of the ban, the person’s name, picture and test results are posted on the all natural bodybuilding organization’s websites so that everyone will know not to let the individuals compete.

Although there has always been the assumption that a bodybuilder’s body could not be formed by natural means, that is not the case. All natural body builders refuse to use steroids or any other toxic substance and use nutrition and hard work through their intense training programs to achieve the results they desire. There are all natural bodybuilding competitions for all ages and sexes, beginning with children. Each competitor is judged based on criteria set by the organizations where their bodies are critiqued for their symmetry, the division of the muscles, the size of the muscles and the poise of the individual during the competition, such as how they move through their poses and routine. Each all natural bodybuilder must know how to perform the ten mandatory poses which show off all the muscle groups in the body. In addition, they must have a ninety second routine choreographed that uses music and shows off their free style poses and any talents that they might how to exhibit their endurance and physicality.

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